P l a y w r i g h t

Wilkes County Community College

Wilkesboro, North Carolina

available through Pioneer Drama Service


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Maverick Players

Midland, Texas

available through Big Dog Plays


The Canterbury Tales or

Geoffrey Chaucer's Flying Circus

Award winning plays

for schools and

community theaters

Award winning scripts for schools and

community theaters

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          Night Comes Early

Branch County Community Theater

Coldwater, Michigan

available through Eldridge Plays & Musicals


Burton writes plays for schools and community theater. Over 75 of his plays have been published, including full length comedies and dramas, one acts and ten minute scripts. Some of his monologues are published in The Big Book of Monologues from Brooklyn Publishers. He also writes under the pseudonym Andrew Ross.  

Burton is a four time winner of the Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence from the Branch County Community Theater, Coldwater, Michigan. In 2004 he won the McLaren Comedy Playwriting Award from the Midland Community Theater, Midland, Texas.

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